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King Solomon’s Junior School

We believe education is a gift that every one under the sun should embrace when given to. The Bible Says and Jesus Taught the multitude which means that even the people recieved education from Christ Our Lord and the same Bile talks about the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things and which therefore is our teacher.

We do take these scriptures so very personal that even believe that to be successfull in this land of the living, as Our Lord Jesus Christ Promised that we benefit a hundren fold on earth and the same in Heaven. So, to gain all this a person (child) needs proper guidance interms of behaviour academic wise which there fore make them gain the a hiundren fold or Lord Promised us.

As a church of Good News church Bulenga, under the ministration of Pr. Solomon Mwesige and Doreen Mwesige decided to start up The KING SOLOMON SCHOOLS which are are From Nersury to Senoir Six.

KING SOLOMON SOCHOOLS (Junior and High) were basically set up to help children study and get high quality education at affordable rates to every parent and also to assist the children who would like to study but financially unstable inorder to get the same quality education.


As stated before, our dream is that we sustain ourselves totally. Based on the packages designed as described earlier, we have now achieved 40% of this. We are grateful to God and our partners that what was at 0% is now at 40%. Our task ahead is to achieve this dream of total sustainability.

  • Acquisition of more land
  • Raising more classroom blocks on top of the foundation already laid
  • Building more student dormitories
  • Building staff houses
  • Acquiring library facilities
  • Constructing a dining hall
With the continued support from our partners and friends therefore, we wish to continue improving ourselves in every way so we become a center of attraction for all. The funds raised from the self-sponsored and half sponsored pupils will then help us achieve total sustainability.